Meet Orifunke Lawal

Meet Orifunke Lawal

Orifunke Lawal is a writer, an editor and a social media strategist who is passionate about inspiring and helping people live the best versions of themselves. She strongly believes that everybody needs to work hard to become the best they can be at whatever they do.

Although still a student of Geography at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, she presently works as an editor for a couple of organizations and as a social media manager. She loves to help and train individuals and organizations to find their space and audience on the social media and also teach them how to use the social media extremely to their advantage.

Besides writing and social media strategy, her other interests are singing, public speaking, cooking and photography. Connect with her on the following platforms:

Twitter: @Orifunke

Facebook: Orifunke Lawal

BBM: 5697993C


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