The Improvement Challenge- Day 7

Say “Yeah Yeahhh!”

It’s the 7th day of #TIC21 and I feel really fulfilled about that. It’s been a long,  not-so-easy challenge mehn. The uncertainty that stared me in the eyes while starting the challenge could have made me decide not to go on. I am grateful for those who believed in me and in my ability to do this. And I am really grateful for those who joined in the challenge right from Day 1 and those who joined along the line. It is Day 7 and even though this is just a fraction of the whole program,  I do believe it is worth celebrating.

When we take up responsibilities that seem very enormous and we succeed at them, we’re motivated and convinced that we can keep doing great things.  The second part of this challenge would be greater than the former in Jesus’ name.  If you’re wondering what the Improvement Challenge is all about, your answer is here

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You could share your experiences with us on Twitter using the hashtag #TIC21.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

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