Are you sure this is not the opportunity you have been waiting for?
You have often wished you could get yourself to write a page of that book everyday, w ished you could get up earlier than normal everyday so you could adequately prepare for the day ahead, wished you could take some time out everyday to study your Bible and pray, wished you could take calculated steps everyday towards the achievement of a particular goal. However,  it seems as though you lack the human will to make resolutions and keep to them. You’ve tried and tried but it’s not just working. Or, you probably have never seen the need to daily work towards a particular goal.

Well, The Improvement Challenge might be JUST FOR YOU! YES! The Improvement Challenge is a 21-day journey towards getting better at a particular thing(s) that you do. It starts today and we’re waiting for you to come on board. Joining us is easy!

1. Write out a particular thing or list out a set of things that you really want to improve at. For me, one of them is my writing and so, I would be writing everyday for the next 21 days. I would advise that you have a small number of things to improve at so you can focus and measure your growth/improvement.  Too many of them might make you “burdened” along the line.

2. At the end of each day, please share your story for the day to encourage all others who are also in the challenge with us. If you please,  you could send me your story to share with others. 

If you have any questions and comments,  and if there’s any help I could render to you with regard to this challenge, please feel free to message me personally. Thank you!

Orifunke Lawal
@Orifunke on Twitter.
Orifunke Lawal on Facebook.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this awesomw and productive idea. I love to playbthe piano but presently I have none so I guess I will have to pick somthing else.


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