What Do You Think About Talents?

Hi, wonderful folks! How are you all doing? Today, I’d be talking about something I trust you would either gain from or know someone who could gain from. Or better still, something that would make me learn from you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy. Thank you.


Sometime ago, I was driven to think about a statement somebody made on Twitter referring to a rapper as “too talented”. And this got me thinking, Is there such a thing as being too talented? Can anyone be more talented than somebody else? Does God deposit more in others and less in the rest? What exactly is the qualification that makes you called talented or “too talented?” Can you also think about that for a moment? I asked on twitter:

Is there such a thing as being more talented than somebody else?.
And these were some of the responses I got:

@AbiodunOmonijo: Yes, I suppose people can be more talented than each other in certain areas.

@HisLeast: yes there is. The parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 says so.

@iamTROL: I don’t believe there is a thing as that. Pple work out talents differently.

While I believe that some people are actually so good or skilled that you just have to give them the big-ups, I also believe that nobody is more talented than someone else irrespective of how good you are. In fact, I do not think there should be any sort of comparison when it comes to gifting and abilities. Why? Because we all are different. We all have the capacity to do great things in our own special way. A lot of us forget that we all have our own special abilities, our own special talents. This is why I may not be able to do what you can do excellently and you may not be able to do what I can do wonderfully.

The ignorance of this is what I would say is the reason why people force themselves to be like somebody else, why people struggle outside their strength zone because they want to be as celebrated as someone else and fail to develop their strengths. The only reason why people are celebrated is because they do whatever they do well and others appreciate it. People recognize people who thrive in their convenience zones.

I believe that we can take it then, that, it is not the number of talents a person has that determines how celebrated a person is, but how well he expresses his talents. If everyone understood this- that you can be as good as good can be in another area, we would have more giants evolving in other areas. If individuals focused more on developing their strengths instead of forcing themselves to do what they’re not naturally cut out for, I believe we would have more people worth celebrating in various areas.


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11 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Talents?

  1. A nice write up. There is no such thing as too talented, it just depends on the way you see it. I feel that the parable of the talent is closely related to the body of Christ that is the parts of the body. I mean liking at it from that perspective it gives you a reasonable fact of how talents operate. Take for instance the eyes can’t say they can do without the ears, no matter how small the members seem they play important roles, so no matter how many or how less your talents are they all maintain the same effectiveness.


  2. I believe talent is the word man uses to hide behind awe and/or weakness, I like the word ‘Affinity’ better, rarely do i use Talent or the other infamous one; gifted. We all gravitate towards different interests, do i consider that talent as it’s being seen? No…
    I’d hate this to be an essay so i stop. I agree with your views (Y)


  3. Great piece Funke. Although I agree with most of the piece,I still believe some people might be more talented. For example let’s take the case of people with the same talents. Such as football,singing etc. It is quite clear to have a comparison of talents in the same field.

    Thank you.


    1. I didn’t know you commented on this before now. I know my reply is coming so late it’s better late than never. I see the sense in your point-comparison within the same field. That’s a new line to truly consider.

      I appreciate your comment, Abimbola. Thanks.


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