It Wasn’t My Fault

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Just imagine this. You’re on a queue and you’re trying to get something others are struggling to get too. You’re being pushed from the front and being pushed from the back. Then by mistake, someone steps on you and looks back then turns away her face. You’re like, “You stepped on me.” Expecting the person to say sorry, she replies, “Can’t you see there are many people here? It wasn’t my fault!”. How would you feel?


All of us are naturally ego-driven creatures. We always want to do things that would increase or support our self-esteem. As a result, when we offend people, it could be quite difficult for us to say Sorry. Apologizing when you know quite well that you’re wrong seems like the hardest thing to do. Now what does apologizing mean? Saying Sorry? Yes, but not just that, it means admitting you’re wrong, saying sorry for doing the wrong thing and assuring the person that it wouldn’t repeat itself. So you see, apologizing isn’t just about saying sorry. The part of apologizing that seems to be the hardest is admitting the fact that you’re in the wrong. Everybody wants to be the one in the right part. And naturally, we all hate being the one who has to admit doing the wrong thing. That’s why we use the sentence “It wasn’t my fault” to support ourselves.


However, as difficult as it could seem, it is very important that we apologize when we offend others. The first thing you should tell yourself is, apologizing doesn’t make you smaller than you are, it doesn’t reduce your self-esteem one bit! For you to keep your relationships with people, you would have to learn the art of apologizing to others. Why? Because you’re imperfect. We all are.  And that’s why it’s possible for you to step on people’s toes.


When you offend someone, don’t try defending yourself! It’s not going to get you the forgiveness you need. Come out plain and say, “I know I did this and this and I’m sorry”. Don’t say, “This and this happened and I’m sorry about it. You know it wasn’t my fault.” NO NO! Also, when you’re apologizing, be sincere about it. Don’t do it because you don’t want to look proud or because people are asking you to do it or because Orifunke asked you to do it. And finally, endeavour not to repeat the wrong thing you did. If you do. that would show or make the person assume that you weren’t sincere at first.


So people, this is it. I hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this. When you offend someone, sincerely apologize, don’t try covering-up by saying, “It wasn’t My fault!”.


“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.Benjamin Franklin


I really should thank God. I asked Him for speed in writing this and He gave me. ^_^


Thanks a whole lot for reading through! I’m sure you learnt something, even if it wasn’t so new to you. Now, please don’t leave without dropping your comments. Corrections, contradictions and contributions are welcome as usual! And you could also follow this blog so you wouldn’t miss out on posts that would be coming up in the future. Bless!


80 thoughts on “It Wasn’t My Fault

  1. I’ve learnt alot though it was’nt kind of new and I would want to say thank you for coming up with this kind of post. Keep up the good work;-)


    1. LoL. By the time I break your head, we would know who is at fault between me and you! In fact, me sef, i’m not replying to your comment again and it’s your fault, not mine. Loool.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Dami. U still don’t want to mentor me, shey? -_-


    1. Haha! Trust me, I know how that feels. Buh then, that it’s an easy way out doesn’t mean it’s the right way out. Ahya! Thanks for reading and even taking time to comment,Shola!


    1. Yeahh. I’d try to always do that. I just re-read the post and found out that I made slight mistakes. Didn’t see them at all. I hate my write-ups having flaws.

      Well, thanks for voicing out your observation! Thanks for reading! 😀


  2. Hai
    Nice post
    I got ds to say
    # whether u say sorry or u act sorry, sincerity is d key#
    People are diff and I may not show remorse in a way that’s acceptable to others and vice versa…
    Therefore let’s live and let live. Read btw the lines
    * it will help*
    Ex, I may say sorry and another person may not say sorry bt could *undo* or try to undo the wrong action
    *all join


    1. Errm. . . I just think it’d be better to say sorry and then act sorry. I mean, you’ve gotta face the person and show them you mean what you’re saying. If you don’t say sorry, it’s possible for them to think you’re still being too proud to speak and you’re trying to get their trust back with your works.

      Somehow, I just feel, it’d be odd to just start acting sorry without saying it. If you truly are sorry, apologize and then ‘acting sorry’ could fall in. You don’t expect people to forgive you if you don’t ask them to.

      And you said you may not show remorse in a way that’s acceptable. To the person or to others? My dear, if it’s to the person, you have to try to show remorse in a way that’s acceptable o. Of what use is the apology then if you don’t try to make the person forgive you? You should remember that it’s not about what you want but what the person wants. You’re trying to get the person’s approval not yours.

      I hope we’re cleared on that,sir. Thanks for reading! And thanks for the contribution!


  3. LOL. It is not our fault. I’m blaming Adam for blaming Eve, “The woman you put here with me — she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it”, and Eve for blaming the Serpent, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate” and for the serpent for not saying he was ‘Sorry’.

    You see, it’s not our fault that we’re like that. LOOOL.

    The quickness of this post though: this should be as a result of ASUU’s present state or; someone really stepped on your toe and pulled the Adamic stunt on you. Whichever one it is, ‘pele’ is your case.

    Nice write up ma’am. LOOOOL. Awesome lesson taught. Adam missed this little point and he put man in eternal wahala. Thank God for Jesus that came to say ‘Sorry’ on our case. Hehehehee! Remain blessed.


    1. LOOOOOL. Pastor Henry don come again! Lol. So it isn’t our fault afterall. Lets blame in on our first parents. Loool.

      As for the quickness of the post, erm. . . .nevermind! Hehe. Thanks for reading and commenting,sir!


  4. Yeah I did learn a bit but it wasn’t my fault that I did learn a bit and I wasn’t my fault that I dropped my comment but I was my fault that Read d blog #joking (y) dear


  5. Nice write-up (4/5 Star). If only we are ready and willing to admit our faults and apologise with sincerity, the world will be a much better place.
    I must also chip in that to apologise doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong or at fault. Sometimes, we have to apologise even when it is the other party that has offended us. Some years back someone did something terrible to me and didn’t apologise. This offended me greatly. I decided to sever our relationship. However, some days after God opened my mind and asked me where I would be if the rapture were to take place. I quickly understood the gravity of my decision. I made efforts to see the guy who offended me and I actually APOLOGISED for my actions and inactions. Afterwards, I felt so much better and I believe he felt better too.
    All I’m trying to say is that, sometimes we have to apologise when we are/feel that we are not at fault.


  6. Well this is my thought base on my Biblical believes:

    In our relationships with others. To apologize is difficult for most people. However, servants of God cultivate the spirit of a lesser one by admitting their mistakes and asking for forgiveness. They are also ready to forgive others for their transgressions. Whereas pride fosters division and contention, forgiveness promotes peace within the congregation.

    For example, when we make a mistake, do we hesitate to acknowledge it to our mate, to our children, or to other close family members? Offering a sincere apology from the heart helps to promote peace and unity within the family.—Read 1 Peter 3:8-10.

    You Did a great Job dear, your thoughts and my biblical believes varies.




  7. Very nice post. Some people find saying sorry so hard, and it shouldn’t be so. “Apologizing when you’re in the wrong makes the world a better place”….. Timi 2013


  8. And then as Dammy @damstylee said, I’ve read lots of posts cos I’m a ‘background i-dont-want-to-have-a-blog-cos-everybody-has-one writer’. But I have with immediate effect left the invincibles to become an incredible, and making I probably would start writing ‘publicly’ soon.


  9. Very insightful. I think it’s harder to say Sorry when you know you’ll probably still hurt the person again. The deadly people are the ones who say ‘Sorry’ so easily without feeling a tinge of remorse. Apologies must be sincere from the heart. God Bless you dear


  10. Funke, you did a nice job here i’m a first timer here and sure i will subscribe to yer feeds. I kissed a girl on a date then, naso she carry fire put for head, i apologised to her like 6 times and she still wouldn’t succumb like a crack head. I left her alone moments later sha i no get time for one mumu geh wey wan’ make me feel like say i be weakling.


    1. LOOOOOL. I don’t know what to say concerning that one o. LoooL. ^_^ But thank you very much for reading and also for commenting and for subscribing too!


  11. hmmmm, wat can i say, more grease 2 ur elbow u had a perfect way of entertainin ur readers, d article was xo enthralling. 2 add 2 wat u v written, apology z not wen u r ryt & m wrong neither z it wen m ryt & u r wrong. It simply shows dt i value relationship dan ego


  12. Diz post came at the ryt tym i needed it. I dn’t get angry easily buh dre are sum particularly pple dat will annoy you just to make themself happy, it wn’t cost me anything 2say ‘i am sorry’ even though am nt at fault… Gr8 job sis. I pray that God’s hand will nt be shortened in yo lyf! God bless u


  13. Apologizing no easy o…but by God’s grace, I’d work more on this…on not havin reason to apologize and apologizing when necessary o.thanks.GOD BLESS YOU


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