What I Have Learnt

*dusts blog* Please, don’t ask me why I haven’t written anything in months-I won’t have a reasonable explanation for that. *shrugs* Well Well Well,it’s so so good to be back here *smiles* Thanks to a whole lot of you who have always been concerned as to why I stayed off for a while, and also to those of you who didn’t bother to ask…thanks all the same!

Few Months from now, I’m going to be eighteen. Meaning officially, I’ll be an adult by then. Thinking about this brings mixed thoughts to my heart and makes me have mixed feelings. Although I am excited that I’m actually moving into a new phase of my life, I’m a bit nervous about what the future holds for me. Also, I am not too happy ’cause there are a thousand things I could have done in my previous years which I was ignorant of or which I chose personally not to do. I shouldn’t be regretting now, since I can’t turn back the hand of time. Well, let me not bore you. I’m writing this for something and that’s to share with you, what I have learnt so far- sorry, one of the things I have learnt so far. Please relax, sip your drinks, have fun, gain something. Thanks.

Life, they say, is a teacher. The more we live, the more we learn. There can never be a truer statement! With each passing year, I have learnt something more than the previous years, something better, something worse, and even irrelevant things. As we grow older, we learn different things,innit?-good, bad, important, useless. The main point is, we have all learnt different things, we are still learning and until we die, we will not stop learning.

One great thing life has taught me is that I shouldn’t show love to others with the expectation of being loved in return. I have learnt that not everybody would show me as much love as I’ve shown them. If we all knew this, our world might probably be better than it is now( just saying). Many, most of us expect others to love us just as we love them and when they don’t, we become heart-broken and we vow never to love anybody else that much. This really shouldn’t be so. The Bible says, ”Love others as you love yourself”, not ”Love others as you want them to love you”. Many of our relationships fail today because,instead of loving others as we should(forgetting if they love us or not), we prefer doing the ”Love me as I love you” thing or ”If you don’t love me, I won’t love you”  thing or because we have predicted that someone might not give us the same measure of love we give them, we decide not to love them enough as it should be.

In past times, I have been hurt because people I showed love to didn’t love me back or didn’t love me as much as I loved them. Now, if in the first place, I had loved them without expecting to be loved back at all, I wouldn’t be as hurt as I later got. This is a great lesson I have learnt from life and this is a great lesson(that I think) others should also learn.

Love others as you love yourself. Love others without expecting anything in return, then let’s see if we won’t have fewer broken hearts in our society.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this. Now, please, don’t leave without leaving your thoughts. Contributions, Contradictions and Corrections would be highly appreciated.


25 thoughts on “What I Have Learnt

  1. Won’t it be wonderful if you invest 17years experience into the 18th. Think about it. And yes, The main reason why love is a complicated thing is because pple love with the hope of being loved back. Happy birthday in advance mate. Nice one.


  2. Just like the story of my life, expected much love but go little… Have learnt my lessons. Go write up… Brighter years ahead.


  3. I dont thnk its normal to lov and xpect nufing OR gain nufing. Loving sumone who doesnt lov will keep u 4rm someone who does.. We r to young to waste time on those who dont care


  4. Very good. Most people want unconditional love but, the kind of love they give is conditional like you rightly said . For instance, if you love a person because you want him/her to love you back, then your love is based on the condition of receiving love in return. There are so many things we still love despite the fact that they don’t return our love. For example, loving an animal as a pet. It can’t give you love, but it can mess up your house and you’ll care for it the more. So you see it’s very possible to love unconditionally. May God increase your writing potentials in Jesus name. Love you.


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