Last week Sunday, my sister and I woke up really late. We had a programme the day before and being so tired we slept early and slept in the next day. We woke up so late that I considered not going to church….On our way to church, while we were still on our street, something-or someone rather-caught my attention.

“Oyinlola, Oyinlola, see!”, I roughly nudged my sister.

“What?”, she queried.

“Can’t you see that girl? She stays on our street, doesn’t she? She’s pregnant”, I said, shocked and hardly believing what I was saying myself. The girl is my age-or at most, a year older than I am, which was why I was surprised.

“Do you want to tell me that you’re just knowing?, Oyin asked me, indifferently.”Since all these years, so you’re just knowing that she’s pregnant. Na wah for you o.” She said and hissed. I remained silent for a second. I had ‘carried last’.

“I never knew she was pregnant. We finished secondary school together!”, I continued with disbelief. If someone had just told me that the girl was pregnant, I wouldn’t have believed. They say, Seeing is believing, but in this case, I saw and I couldn’t still believe. Why was I concerned? What was or is my business? We don’t talk. I don’t even know her name. But I was sad and I still am.

After the service, I brought up the idea of the pregnant girl while some of my friends were around. I can’t remember that incidence without telling anybody around. Even when I got home, I still told my mummy and daddy. I still wonder why or how she got herself into that position? Perhaps she was wayward-like most people would think. Or maybe a victim of circumstance. I can’t tell. More saddening is thinking of the fact that thousands of other teenagers are in this position. You might think it’s all right, but I think it’s not. Imagine the stigma she’s going to carry around now, the difficulty she’ll go through during labour-that’s if she doesn’t abort, the ostracizing she’s going to receive from the society…if she finally gives birth,will she be able to go back to school? A girl of 17 or 18…Gosh!

I am not going to criticize anybody-let the sinless one cast the first stone. I’m going to act like this is a normal case knowing fully well that people perform certain actions for certain reasons. You may think it’s a normal case but I disagree cause for a girl who has no means of livelihood, this case is perfectly not okay. Well, we live in a society where no one cares, no one bothers, and everything that would initially have looked unacceptable has now become acceptable. Wait, what’s my own sef? Who send me message? Am I a relative to the girl that got pregnant? Or na me send am make she go get belle?  It’s her life, is it not? We ask this questions. Nobody cares. I don’t care either, but I care. 

I wrote this because like I said earlier, I can’t remember this without telling anybody around. Nevertheless, I sincerely think something should be done about this, although it seems impossible. So what do you think?  Who cares?



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33 thoughts on “WHO CARES?

  1. Funke,you’ve just hit the nail on the head. This is one of the issues ravaging our society yet no one talks about it. It is now looked upon as a “normal thing” hence no attempts are being made to curb it. I am glad that you brought up the issue,for as you said “Who Cares” I believe there are many out there who do and by speaking out in this admirable & bold manner,i’m sure you’ll know for sure “Who Cares” depending on the kind of response you get. B.T.W you’re a good writer. Keep it up.


  2. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Yes, you’re quite right. I write based on most things that have happened to me. And things that are on my mind. I’m glad you’re impressed and thanks for the share. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it. God bless you.


    1. @HARRYJONES, thank you very much! You are right, nobody wants to talk about this. Yes,i also believe there are people out there who care. I hope something would be done to help matters too. Thank you very much for commenting! I really appreciate it.


  3. Hmm! Dats too bad. Anyway, she can still go back to skul after delivery, dats if she wish to. Bravo! U write so well. Thumbs up 4u.


  4. why are you guys making a big deal out of this? did the writer ask the girl if she is married or about to. in as much it’s not rape, i believe a girl can get pregnant anytime she wants be it by mistake or on purpose. nice write up though, but don’t paint the pregnant girl like a devil….


    1. @hallengray, Yeah, I understand you. I didn’t ask her anything and I’m not painting her black. I only saw it from the angle that a girl of 17 or 18 who is pregnant and who still depends on her parents has a lot to go through. And remember I already wrote in the post that,”I am not going to criticize anybody, knowing fully well that people perform certain actions for certain reasons.” I’ve seen the issue from your own point of view and I must admit that you’re also right. I guess we saw this matter from different perspectives. Thank you very much for commenting.


  5. If more youths will venture into correcting the ills of the society lyk u doing,then we will be saved from the moral decayness our society is presently experiencing.niceone.am IMPRESSED


  6. Sads story indeed but like the title goes,who cares? Those who are supposed to dont and those who do dont have a solution to it So pathetic.


    1. I’m so glad to see your comment. Thanks. Yeah, it’s a very pathetic and I’m sensing things might get worse if measures are not taken. God help us. Thank you very much for commenting.


  7. it is not a matter of how many times you fall, but the matter is how many time you rise…. Deff., she can still go back to school…. Dt’z life for you….


  8. The scenario of a pregnant girl walking on the street is one I see too often on Nigerian streets. That is why we must speak out and reach out to as many as still think it is right to “carelessly ravish the adventure of youth”. The message of SEXUAL PURITY needs to be preached! God bless you for your writings.

    *July 7th, Virginity Day – preach the message*


  9. Yes, we need more people to preach against this because we need to stop it. The thing is, although we have some girls who still think they have to carelessly ravish the adventure of youth, we also have some others who happen to be victims of circumstance, like rape. I pray God give us the strength, wisdom and understanding to find a solution to this. God bless you too.
    And I’m saying a big ‘THANK YOU’ for the info about ‘Virginity Day’. I didn’t know anything about it. I’ll write a post with respect to the term ‘virginity’ and I’ll email you when I write it. Thank you very much for commenting.


  10. It’s nt a new tin, cos it has happened in my area,a 14yrs old girl who was impregnated. My advice is dat we must ve dat bouyancy 2 say “NO” 2 any sex enticement by so-called boyfriend who want 2 taste.Be determine my fellow ladies,be focus in ur studies,believe in God n tarry.Put tenacity in ur academic pursuit.THK U ORIFUNKY


  11. Abba,u’re most welcome dear and btw,i forgot to appraise your write up! I apparenty was carried away by the sad nature of the story. U’ve got a good story technique! (Y)


  12. What a story!!! I am not surprise because i see this most of the time,the thing is that girls that get pregnant at their young age are too expose n they want to know how sex feels,they know it is wrong or they might get pregnant n it’s a disgrace yet they want to have a taste n know how it feels that is why they go into it,losing their virginty without knowing it is a dignity…. I just hope things like that would stop soon….


  13. Its nice to read brilliant opinions like this, though our opinions on things may vary, interesting write ups like this still puts a smile on ones lips either in satisfaction or in need to argue over.


  14. Aiit! Lets get down to it, i like it when a person sympathisez with a ravaging situation that society people mostly tend to frown upon and do nothing about. And we all know this issue goes beyond sympathy and eloquence, something shuld be done. But i must say am drawn by your emotional and self inference,great job!! Okay this is turning 2 a note. Bye


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